Where to Travel in SAUDI ARABIA

Saudi Arabia is a fabulous destination for culture, adventure and remote tourism. A three-week tour would cover the Kingdom’s highlights, but with any shorter duration it will be necessary to be selective. For non-Muslims the ruins of Madain Saleh (the 2nd Petra) are the main reason to visit Saudi Arabia, but these fabulous tombs are just the tip of the palm tree. Asir and Al Bahah offer fortified houses and mountains; Eastern Province has the vast oasis of Al Ahsa; the northern and central part of the country have fabulous desert scenery and caravan cities; while in the Red Sea you’ll find a technicoloured wonderland. Our Saudi Arabia guides and suggested itineraries are a good starting point for planning. When you want to move forward, our tailor-made Saudi Arabia team are on hand to help fine tune ideas to ensure that you’ll be able to have the perfect tour.