Saudi Arabia: The Incense Route

14 Days / 13 Nights

Saudi Arabia: The Incense Route traces the path of one of the world’s most ancient and important trade routes. Travelling north along the spine of Arabia’s west coast from the mountains and tower-like villages of Asir and Al Bahah, to the great pilgrimage port of Jeddah, and then onto the ancient desert emporiums of Midian and Hegra; this highly scenic thousand-mile long adventure is one of the world’s great cultural journeys. A rival to the Silk Road, the Arabian Incense Route was once the lifeblood of the countries through which it passed 2,000-years-ago. Connecting south Arabia with the great markets of the eastern Mediterranean - where the demand for Arabia’s luxury goods, including gold, frankincense, myrrh was almost insatiable - the Incense Route generated astronomical profits. Unsurprisingly, the ancient Arabians wanted to keep the sources of the fabulous trade goods a closely guarded secret – as much of the Incense Route in Saudi Arabia remains to this day. When travelling along this long abandoned commercial superhighway in Saudi Arabia today you’ll be enthralled by the vibrant markets, fortress-like villages, bustling souqs, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the rock art left during another age by long forgotten travellers. The journey also reveals the diversity of landscapes and peoples in the Arabian Peninsula as it navigates its way through soaring green mountains and crosses plains of lava as well as vast belts of blood-red sands; so that it its conclusion you will be able to form a unique portrait of the Incense Route in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.