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Our luxury Nepal holidays reveal the essence of this Himalayan nation with its soaring snowclad peaks, fluttering prayer flags, steamy subtropical plains teeming with wildlife, and a rich culture that dates back to the time of the Buddha. Corinthian’s gentle walking holidays in Nepal are one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the Himalaya and feature the finest selection of mountain lodges in the Annapurna and Lower Mustang regions. These almost unequalled mountain vistas, combined with the prospect of white-water adventure and the call of the wild also make a Nepal family holiday a thrilling choice for active teenagers. Cultural enthusiasts looking for a luxury Nepal holiday will relish exploring the magnificent architecture of the Kathmandu Valley and travelling off the beaten track through the charming little visited villages of central Nepal; while visitors in quest of Nirvana will find the meditative vibe that pervades Lumbini utterly blissful. The country’s strategic location in the central Himalaya makes it an ideal gateway for visitors seeking the ultimate mountain odyssey that combines the mystical worlds of Nepal and Lhasa in Tibet or Nepal and Bhutan. While travelling on one of our privately guided luxury Nepal holidays you’ll be able meet the people and immerse yourself the Himalayan magic. The land of the Buddha’s birth is an enchanting and truly extraordinary place.