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Our luxury Jordan holidays will introduce you to a timeless and incredibly beautiful desert land that has become one of the great highlights of any visit to the Middle East. Inevitably, the focus of the majority of our tailor-made Jordan holidays is the stunning ‘rose-red’ city of Petra, the capital of the ancient Nabataean Arabs, that was voted as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World. Carved from the living rock, Petra was famously ‘lost’ to the outside world for almost a thousand years until its rediscovery in 1812. As Middle East travel specialist’s we’ll be able to advise you how to explore the ‘hidden valleys’ of this magnificent site as well as creative ways to combine Petra with Jordan’s other magical sites and the best Jordan family holidays. From desert adventure amongst the breathtaking scenery of Wadi Rum, where Lawrence of Arabia once trod; to exploring the beautifully colonnaded streets of Roman ruins at Jerash; floating on the saline waters of the Dead Sea; gazing on the mighty castles of the Crusading knights; and snorkelling in the Red Sea; a luxury Jordan holiday has something to please almost everyone. Travel in Jordan can easily be combined with neighbouring countries. Visiting Jordan and Jerusalem, Jordan and Egypt, or even a Jordan and Saudi Arabia tour that follows the Nabataean trade routes further south is an extremely rewarding experience. The stardust bringing these private journeys together are our experienced Middle East travel specialists and long term local partners who will ensure that your luxury Jordan holidays are simply unforgettable.