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Our tailor-made Georgia holidays reveal the magnificent natural beauty and rich culture of this southern Caucasus nation that has a good claim on being called one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Nestled between the snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains and the dark waters of the Black Sea, Georgia has a long and ancient history stretching back into the midst of time when legend holds that Jason and his Argonauts visited in search of the Golden Fleece. Tbilisi, the hip and attractive Georgian capital, hums with boutique hotels and fine dining; while to the north, the shark’s teeth of the Caucasus soar up to over 5,000m and abound in pristine natural beauty and opportunities for adventure. No less spectacular are the otherworldly mountain villages of Svaneti with their phalanxes of defensive towers or the country’s distinctive drum-domed churches –  several of which are UNESCO World Heritage listed - and striking rock-hewn cave monasteries. Sakartvelo, as the country of Georgia is known to the Georgians, is also noted for its unique mouth-watering cuisine and is one of the world’s oldest wine making centres. To the initiated it is easy to understand why a luxury Georgia holiday is increasingly the top pick of many respected travel magazines.  The best months for travel to Georgia are between May and October.