Where to Travel in DUBAI & ABU DHABI

Our where to travel in the United Arab Emirates guides will reveal the iconic highlights of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as the heritage of all seven emirates that comprise the UAE and the much less well known scenic interior of the country. The United Arab Emirates is celebrated for its stunning luxury beach hotels, water-sports, vast shopping malls, iconic buildings and as being a playground for adventure. Here you’ll find exquisite fine dining, the world’s tallest building, the longest zip-line in the world, a ski-slope in the desert, and world class theme parks that thrill adults and children alike. - but this is  also a heritage rich country with a timeless and traditional side where you can enjoy exploring history, culture and nature. Opulent palaces, picturesque fortresses, extensive heritage areas built of coral stone, fine museums, and archaeological sites all tell the story of the region's past; while the jagged mountains rising up to just under 2,000m, pristine wadis, mangrove-lined lagoons, and the Empty Quarter desert rival neighbouring Oman's natural beauty and are well worth exploring.