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Our luxury Armenia holidays reveal one of the oldest countries in the world. Hayastan, as the Armenians call Armenia, is a pristine eastern land of snowy mountains and deep blue lakes; magnificent rock-hewn churches and dramatic cave villages; flowering meadows and golden apricots, that some scholars have identified as the bible’s earthly Paradise. This beautiful south Caucasus country is now small in area but its people have long been a ‘global nation’ and have a fascinating past. In 301 AD, the Armenians were the first nation to embrace Christianity and their great kings once held the balance of power between ancient Rome and Persia. Throughout history Armenia has survived massacres and brutality; but the spirit and traditions of its people remain as steadfast as the twin-peaks of its holy mountain: Ararat. Our tailor-made Armenia holidays are designed to provide an in-depth insight into this little known ancient nation ranging from its national obsession with chess, Yerevan’s culinary scene, and the stunning churches and mountains.