Three reasons Jerusalem should feature on your tailor made holiday to Israel

What’s so special about Jerusalem?

Three reasons Jerusalem should feature on your tailor-made holiday to Israel

Jerusalem is a place of stories and legends, a city where mosques and churches sit side by side and ancient streets are used by those of all creeds and colours. No other city means so much to so many people. With an incredible history spanning thousands of years, world-class sights (both within and outside the city limits) plus several luxury hotels, including the American Colony and the iconic King David Hotel from where to be based, Jerusalem is arguably the most interesting melting pot in the entire Middle East.

A tailor-made holiday to Israel is not complete without a visit to the World Heritage-listed city of Jerusalem. Resting on a plateau between the Mediterranean and the Dead seas, it is one of the oldest cities in the world. Here are three reasons why Jerusalem is a must-see destination.


Jerusalem is of spiritual importance to the three great monotheistic faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and regardless of your credence, it is hard not to be spellbound and mesmerised by the all-encompassing atmosphere that prevails throughout the city and in particular in East Jerusalem where the Old City and some of the holiest sites in the world are located. 

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is venerated by Christians whilst the Western Wall is of supreme importance to the Jewish world and Muslims flock to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

Western Wall Jerusalem Israel
The Western Wall

It is fascinating to consider that all of these places of worship plus numerous others are all within a short distance of each other and visiting them is an incredible experience.


With a history dating back  over 3,000 years, there are days, even weeks of exploration to be had in the Old City of Jerusalem. Following in the footsteps of kings, emperors and prophets, walking is the best way to explore the labyrinth of alleyways that make up this part of the city.

Jerusalem Israel

Each of the four quarters of the Old City (Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian) is fascinating and there is something quite special about strolling from one ancient place of interest to another and seeing for the first time sights and artefacts that you have known about since childhood. The Dead Sea Scrolls, which are now located in the Israel Museum for example, or Herod’s Gate where the crusaders first breached the city walls back in the 11th century. The list is endless …


Israel is a small country. It, therefore, makes sense to use Jerusalem as a base for day trips into the surrounding countryside. Destinations that need no introduction are but a short distance from Jerusalem and make for ideal city escapes.

Don’t miss haunting Masada for example, where a winding Snake Path or an easier cable car ride are the options for reaching this majestic fortress and witnessing the incredible views over the Dead Sea and beyond.

No trip to Israel is complete without a visit to serene Bethlehem, whilst the oasis of Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and the Judean Desert are just two hours from Jerusalem and offer sublime scenery and excellent hiking opportunities.

Dead Sea Israel
The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has been attracting visitors for thousands of years and cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, a very young city, by comparison, is a mere one hour drive from Jerusalem and presents an intoxicating comparison between ancient and modern. 

What better reasons do you need to include Jerusalem on your next tailor-made holiday to Israel? Corinthian Travel has a wide range of suggested itineraries featuring Jerusalem. Contact us to discuss a bespoke itinerary.