Jordan Remains Safe to Visit

A former minister of tourism for Jordan once described the country as a “quiet house in a noisy neighbourhood”.

Petra by Candlelight
Petra by Candlelight

While the events in certain countries in the Middle East have been very much in the news recently, the beautiful Kingdom of Jordan remains calm, welcoming, and open to visitors. Not only does Jordan remain safe to visit, it could be argued that now – when visitor numbers are down – is THE time to seize the moment and discover one of the most beautiful and historically fascinating countries in Arabia.

The ‘rose-red’ ancient city of Petra never fails to awe the visitor, nor will the experience of travelling off-road through the stunning red desert of Wadi Rum or floating on the saline waters of the Dead Sea disappoint. Discovering the great Roman city of Jerash (where the emperor Hadrian once trod) is another highlight, as is walking along the walls of the great Crusader castle of Kerak. Other highly memorable experiences include walking through Jordan’s national parks and tasting some of the delicious local delicacies in Amman.

Jordan can be a perfect destination for an exotic short break, or for a one or two week holiday. The ideal mix of adventure, comfort and culture make family holidays in Jordan particularly successful.

Corinthian Travel knows Jordan inside out and have an extensive portfolio of suggested Jordan holidays on our website with which we hope to whet your appetites! We welcome your interest in our quality tailor-made Jordan holidays and would be more than happy to answer any questions relating to travel to Jordan.

Not only does Jordan remain safe to visit, but in our opinion, a visit to Jordan is a fabulous experience like no other!

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  1. Very useful suggestion for the first time traveler. Actually, we are planning for a holidays to Jordan in the next year, but do not understand that the place is how much safer for travel. This is our first trip with all family members. So, seeing this post I am very happy. Thanks for your information. It will really helps us to travel.

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