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Curated travel experiences for 2023

Our pick of where to go in 2023 chosen for you

2022 was the year many of us rediscovered our love of travel and as we reach the end of the year, we are delighted to report that more of you have been travelling again. After a tough couple of years, it feels good to be back out there exploring the world once more. As we think about the new year ahead, we know that many of you will be considering your 2023 travel plans.

Here at Corinthian Travel, we understand that you want to explore the world in a unique way – so our team has put together a selection of incredible travel experiences. Whether you are looking to add to your bucket list or visit somewhere new, these 2023 travel experiences will provide memories to last a lifetime.

We hope we can continue to help you discover new places and explore new cultures in the coming year. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat about any ideas you have.

Wishing you all the joys of the holiday season and happy travels in 2023.

And now, to our curated travel experiences for 2023…

Relax on a private dahabiya charter in Egypt

For centuries a Nile Cruise has been a popular choice with visitors to Egypt, and travelling by dahabiya is one of the most relaxing ways to explore the temples and tombs of Upper Egypt. With a handful of cabins, cruising on these traditional Egyptian twin-masted sailing yachts is an exceptional experience, but why not go one step further and charter a dahabiya for an unparalleled private event with friends or family? With exclusive use of the boat, a personal Egyptologist and an attentive crew, a private dahabiya cruise is a holiday like no other.
Luxury Dahabiya Cruise: 11 days from £3450 DISCOVER MORE
Everything you need to know about a dahabiya Nile cruise DISCOVER MORE

Experience a different kind of bubble in Jordan

Next on our list of curated travel experiences are the kind of bubbles you’ll want to remember! The Petra Bubble Luxotel and the Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel offer an extraordinary glamping experience in stunning locations. Petra Bubble Luxotel is tucked away in Little Petra, while Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel is set within the spectacular red desert landscape of Wadi Rum. Both resorts feature a series of individual domes connected by walkways that wind through rock formations and desert with accommodation in futuristic-looking bubbles. 180-degree views of the desert and mountains make the most of the breathtaking views during the day and the starlit sky at night. These not-to-be-missed bubbles provide one of the most unique sleeping experiences in Jordan.
Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel DISCOVER MORE
Petra Bubble Luxotel DISCOVER MORE

An immersive food experience in India

India is a country that celebrates its food culture and is home to a wide range of culinary experiences. From the coconut-based curries of the south to the tandoori dishes of the north, Indian cuisine has a long and storied history. In the 18th century, Lucknow became the cultural capital of northern India. It was during this time that Awadhi cuisine first began to emerge in the royal kitchens of Lucknow – thus marking the beginning of this city’s food story. Discover the mouthwatering delicacies that Lucknow is famous for on a culinary journey through the city. Shop for spices, vegetables, and meat before learning how to prepare delicious Galouti Kebabs and Awadhi Biryani, two of Lucknow’s signature dishes. It’s the ultimate foodie travel experience!
North India Culinary Tour: 12 days from £3295 DISCOVER MORE

Discover the magical oasis of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Al Ula in northwest Saudi Arabia is an oasis of outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by terracotta-hued mountains and home to some exceptional heritage sites. The best-known site comprises the rock-hewn tombs of Madain Saleh, the Kingdom’s own Petra, which was lost to the world for centuries. But Al Ula has much more to offer: wild and breathtaking desert panoramas of drifting dunes, deep canyons, wonderfully eroded rock forms, star-filled night skies, and dark lava flows. The mud and stone ghost town of Old Al Ula and the vast monolithic Elephant Rock are just two magical sights waiting to be explored in Al Ula.
Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom: 8 days from £4690 DISCOVER MORE
Madain Saleh & Arabia Deserta: 10 days from £4895 DISCOVER MORE

Turtle watching in Oman

Watching a gigantic turtle haul its way up the beach, or seeing a tiny hatchling scurry towards the sea, are two of the most memorable natural spectacles in Oman. The warm waters attract turtles from all over Arabia and the world, offering the chance to see turtles nesting or hatching on the Sultanate’s shores. Turtle watching in Oman is an experience like no other, and while summertime (May to August) provides the best opportunity to see turtles, they are often spotted in winter. Be sure to include a turtle beach in your holiday plans – the coastline is stunning!
Oman Family Holiday: 9 days from £1575 DISCOVER MORE

Hemis Festival, Ladakh, North India

Hemis Festival is a colourful spectacle in which monks, wearing brightly coloured brocaded robes and striking paper-mâché masks, perform a series of captivating masked dances (known as Cham) to the sounds of cymbals, drums and long horns. The festival takes place in the courtyard of Hemis Monastery – the grandest of all Ladakh’s monastic institutions – and will next be held at the end of June 2023. The two-day celebration has been held every summer for nearly 300 years and marks the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava – the founder of Tibetan Buddhism and witnessing this festival is one of India’s most unforgettable travel experiences.
Ladakh & The Hemis Festival: 11 days from £2445 DISCOVER MORE

Hiking in the Caucasus mountains, Georgia

Looking for an active adventure that takes you off the beaten path and into some of the most stunning landscapes and fascinating cultures in Europe? Then a walking holiday in Georgia’s Caucasus mountains is perfect for you. A few years ago, Georgia was almost unknown to tourists but now a network of hiking trails, suitable for all abilities, from easy day walks to multi-day hikes, allows you to explore some of the region’s most scenic areas. Discover hidden valleys, ancient ruins and so much more on a walking holiday in Georgia.
Walking in Georgia: 10 days from £2175 DISCOVER MORE
Georgia & the High Caucasus: 10 days from £2345 DISCOVER MORE

Explore your spiritual side in South India

Attending an atmospheric Pooja (prayer ritual) at the ancient Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai is a memorable cultural experience. The priest conducts the prayer ritual amid dancing flames from oil lamps. The scent of incense hangs heavy in the air while mantras are chanted and bells are rung. The temple is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Hindus, and attending a Pooja is a moving spectacle. With its high soaring towers, intricate sculptures and sense of purity, Meenakshi temple truly encapsulates the spirit of ancient India and offers an insight into the grandeur of its history and culture.
Passage Through Coromandel & Malabar: 16 days from £1795 DISCOVER MORE
Spiritual Tamil Nadu: 13 days from £1975 DISCOVER MORE

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