The best countries to combine with Jordan on a tailor made luxury holiday

The best countries to combine with Jordan

A guide to multi-country holidays which include Jordan

Selecting a single country to visit on your holiday can be a tough decision. But the logistics of combining two, or even three, countries in a region like the Middle East is easier than you might imagine.

So why not make your holiday to Jordan a two-centre adventure by hopping across the border to explore the cultural contrasts of some of its neighbours such as Israel, Egypt and Lebanon? The differences might surprise you!

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Whilst Jordan holds more than enough sights and activities to fill a two-week holiday, at Corinthian Travel we find that a lot of travellers are content with a week or so in Jordan. Whilst this makes Jordan the perfect choice for a short holiday (it’s a great option for a half term or Easter family holiday, for example), people often want to be away for a little longer and we are frequently asked ‘which country can I combine with Jordan?’.

Israel, Egypt and Lebanon are all good matches for a multi-centre tailor-made holiday to Jordan and, in this post, we’ll break down the options to help you decide.

Crossing borders in the region can be confusing if attempted independently but travelling on a private tour with your own transport, ensures immigration and border formalities run smoothly. In some cases, a short flight is a good alternative to land travel and the region is well connected with frequent connections.

Holidays combining Jordan and Israel

By choosing a twin-centre holiday to Jordan and Israel you are combining two of the world’s cultural and scenic treasures in one stunning journey. Discover the cultural differences of these neighbouring countries and delve into their shared heritage.

Travel between Jordan and Israel – flight or land border crossing?

Sharing a land border makes combining Jordan and Israel as a twin-centre holiday an obvious choice. There are three border crossings open for tourists between Israel and Jordan and we can suggest the best one based on your travel plans.

The Allenby Bridge / King Hussein Bridge border crossing is the closest crossing point to Israel from Amman and provides a convenient link between Jordan and Jerusalem. Note though that visas need to be arranged in advance and private vehicles are not permitted to cross this border meaning travellers have to change vehicle when crossing. All guests travelling with Corinthian will be met by our representative and assisted with the transfer from one private vehicle to another.

The lesser-used Jordan River Border / Sheikh Hussein crossing is a hassle-free option if you’re travelling on a pre-arranged holiday with private transport. Located to the north of both Israel and Jordan, it is, however, a less suitable option for tourists who tend to focus on sights south of Amman.

One of the most accessible border crossings is the Yitzhak Rabin / Wadi Araba border crossing between Aqaba in Jordan and Eilat in Israel. Without taking into account time for border formalities, the driving time between these two Red Sea resorts can be less than thirty minutes. A stay at the Red Sea could also be the perfect interlude on a busy itinerary.

For those who prefer to fly, Amman and Tel Aviv are connected by direct flights although this might not be the most convenient routing for your itinerary bearing in the mind the amount of time that can be taken up by airport check-in formalities. One time-saving option if you are in southern Jordan is to cross the border from Aqaba to Eilat in Israel and take the short flight from there to Tel Aviv.

The best countries to combine with Jordan on a tailor made luxury holiday | Western Wall and Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel
Western Wall and Dome of the Rock, Israel

Ideas for combining Jordan with Israel

Corinthian Travel’s most popular two-centre holiday to Jordan and Israel combines Jordan’s historic and scenic sites with sightseeing in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Beginning in the Jordanian capital of Amman, a day excursion will take you to the Banks of the River Jordan, to the place of Christ’s baptism at Bethany. This is followed by a visit to one of the finest Roman cities in the Middle East, Jerash. No holiday to Jordan would be complete without setting eyes on the breath-taking ‘rose-red’ ancient city of Petra and your itinerary includes ample time to be immersed in the history of this stunning UNESCO World Heritage site.

Heading north again, spend a night by the Dead Sea before crossing the Jordan River into Israel. Visit the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, and the vast Jewish fortress of Masada before continuing to Jerusalem. Spend time taking in one of the world’s holiest cities where sightseeing includes the Mount of Olives, the Gardens of Gethsemane, the Wailing Wall, the Dome of the Rock and a visit trip to Bethlehem.

Prices for a ten-day private tour combining Jordan and Israel staying in luxury accommodation and accompanied by private guides start at £3850 per person. Read the full details here or contact us to discuss in more detail with our Middle East experts.

Travellers wanting to spend a little longer in Israel should take a look at our Israel and Jordan Tour: The Holy Lands. This private journey combines a visit to Petra in Jordan with an in-depth exploration of Israel including Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the fortress of Masada, the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights and the Crusader city of Akko. Your final nights will be spent absorbing Israel’s cosmopolitan capital, Tel Aviv.

Israel and Jordan: The Holy Lands is a 12-day/11-night private tour with prices starting from £4650 per person.

The best countries to combine with Jordan on a tailor made luxury holiday |Western Wall and Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel | The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea

Holidays combining Jordan and Egypt

Choosing between Egypt and Jordan when it comes to travel plans is a tough decision. Between them, these countries are home to the Middle East’s most iconic sites – Petra, capital of the ancient Nabatean Kingdom, and the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Combined with a Nile Cruise, the dramatic desert lunar landscapes of Wadi Rum, and the lowest exposed land on earth above sea-level at the Dead Sea, you’ll find it impossible to pick one highlight if you decide to holiday to Jordan and Egypt.

Travel between Jordan and Egypt

Egypt and Jordan don’t share a land border so air travel is the only way to combine these two destinations. There are direct flights between Cairo and both Amman and Aqaba which makes putting together an Egypt and Jordan twin-centre holiday uncomplicated.

Ideas for combining Jordan with Egypt

Utilising the direct flight between Amman and Cairo, our Egypt and Jordan holiday combines two of the great historic and scenic highlights of the Middle East on one stunning journey. Starting in the Jordanian capital, Amman, you’ll discover the incredible Roman ruins of Jerash before travelling to Petra to explore the ‘rose-red’ city. During your time in Petra you’ll have the opportunity to experience the unforgettable spectacle of Petra by Candlelight. Traverse the lunar landscapes of Wadi Rum by 4-wheel drive, and float in the Dead Sea before bidding farewell to Jordan and taking a flight to Egypt. Begin in Cairo with visits to the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx at Giza, and with time at the Egyptian Museum where you will glimpse the glimmering treasures of Tutankhamen and the mummified Pharaohs in the Mummy Room. The finale of this voyage through history is a luxury cruise on the Nile passing through the timeless scenery of Upper Egypt and exploring the majestic temples and tombs that straddle this stretch of the world’s longest river.

The best countries to combine with Jordan on a tailor made luxury holiday |Western Wall and Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel | The Dead Sea | Kom Ombo temple, Egypt
Kom Ombo temple, Egypt

If you’re looking to include a little relaxation time on the coast, why not extend your stay in Jordan with a sojourn by the Red Sea at Aqaba before continuing by flight to Cairo?

Our 12-day/11-night private Egypt & Jordan Holiday starts at £2895 per person. See all the details here.

Holidays combining Jordan and Lebanon

Jordan and Lebanon are two of the Levant’s most intriguing and diverse destinations. Both countries are steeped in history and rich in antiquities, yet despite their geographic proximity, each country is unique and offers the visitor a different perspective on the region.

Travel between Jordan and Lebanon

Separated by Israel, Lebanon and Jordan don’t share a common border but frequent flights between Beirut and Amman ensure a smooth transition on a two-centre holiday to Jordan and Lebanon.

Ideas for combining Jordan with Lebanon

Nestling between towering green mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon’s diverse landscapes comprise rushing rivers, thickly forested hillsides and mountains capped with snowy peaks.  The Lebanese have traditionally looked towards the West for their inspiration and Beirut, in particular, has a European feel. In contrast, Jordan looks and feels much closer to Arabia and the Orient.

Our popular Lebanon and Jordan private tour is a perfectly balanced two-week itinerary with one week in Lebanon enjoying the contrasts of laid-back Byblos and cosmopolitan Beirut, once the ‘Paris of the East’, followed by a week in Jordan. In addition to two full days to discover Petra’s amazing ruins, you’ll get to explore Wadi Rum’s desert by jeep, and visit the Crusader castles of Byblos and Kerak. There’s even time to relax in style by the Dead Sea.

Read the full details of our 15-days /14-nights Lebanon and Jordan private tour here. Prices start at £3830 per person.

The Roman Triumphal Arch and Road (Tyre- Lebanon)
The Roman Triumphal Arch of Tyre

The itineraries featured here are suggestions – they are private journeys and therefore can be adapted to fit your requirements precisely. There’s also no reason to limit yourself to a two-centre holiday. For example, our Israel, Jordan and Egypt private tour showcases three of the Middle East’s great cultural and historic treasures.

Contact our experts to discuss how these destinations and more can be incorporated into a personalised tailor-made luxury holiday.

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